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Karen Dandino taught piano to all 3 of my kids, and I can’t imagine a better qualified teacher! Karen is gifted in teaching as well as a highly trained pianist herself. She has tried and true methods for kids of all ages, as well as adults. They learned so much more than just the mechanics of playing piano—dynamics, music theory, memorization, history of composers, performing skills, etc. Our kids are adults now, still enjoy playing piano, and have such fond memories of Karen and her endless patience, encouragement, and love of music. —

Diane Duke

Karen Dandino taught my 4 daughters piano lessons. It was actually much more than piano lessons. It was music lessons and life lessons. She taught theory, musicianship, proper conduct for recitals and she had one recital a year at a retirement home. It didn’t end there. The students not only played for the residents but they brought cookies and served the residents after the recital. Two of my daughters went on to major in music in college and one is now a music professor at a college. They have commented on how those early lessons set them up for success in their studies; probably in more ways than they even realize.

Maureen Taylor

When my 10 year old showed interest in piano lessons, I asked a friend for a teacher referral.  Lessons began, but that teacher soon moved away.  Another friend recommendation led me to a second teacher, who was rarely prepared and took things at a very, very slow pace.  The third teacher used a method which was vastly different and my daughter quickly lost her interest to continue.  That frustration led me to do a higher level of research, not just to find a piano teacher but to find an “excellent” piano teacher.  Lots of phone calls led me to the name Karen Dandino.  I didn’t just stop there.  I ventured into  the big music store downtown to speak with their sheet music guru.  I told her my story and asked if she knew Karen.  She laughed and said, “Well, YOU have certainly done your homework! You could not find a better teacher than Karen Dandino.”
Over the next 7 years I watched not only my child, but the others who Karen taught, perform with such proficiency and feeling.  It was breathtaking.  Karen taught her students how to translate the music with feeling and expression as well as technical proficiency– the way it was written to be.  My daughter based her week around lessons, and it became clear that piano was a grounding element through the tumultuous junior high and high school years. Fast forward 14 years and my daughter is now completing her Doctorate at the University of Oklahoma in Music.  She is also an adjunct professor in music at the University of Central Oklahoma.  I have no doubt that Karen’s ability to teach well and motivate her students, along with excellence in understanding music theory is what led my daughter to pursue her highest career dreams.  I couldn’t recommend Karen any more highly.  She gave my girl the gift of a lifetime by opening up the world of music to her.

Cindy Neff

Karen taught me piano for 9 years. During that time I learned theory, foundations, musicality, went from beginner to advanced and fell in love with music in the process. Karen’s skills are incredible and she encourages her students to strive for excellence by teaching not only how to play, but how to practice. I am now a music therapist and a music educator and use the skills I learned from her in my practice and my classroom.

Molly Taylor

“I was a student of Mrs. Dandino for about 10 years. The lessons each week were full of music theory, music history, technique, and encouragement. Mrs. Dandino’s love for music was infectious and she had so much knowledge that she shared each lesson, that I grew my love of music through elementary, middle and high school while taking lessons from her. I then went to college in Florida and decided to major in music. Because of the foundation from Mrs. Dandino, I had many opportunities to conduct ensembles, be a section leader in chorus, tutor classmates in music theory, and more! got my Bachelor of Arts in Music, and went on to teach private piano lessons, voice

Kaitlin Lankford

Karen Dandino is such an incredible piano teacher! She is kind, knows music so well, and really teaches the fundamentals of learning to read music and how to play properly from the very beginning! I took less from her for over 6 years. I came to her from another place not knowing how to read music and she taught me how to read music and learn and grow so much I loved taking lessons from her. Now my daughter is taking lessons from her and she is loving it! I love seeing how much she has learned and blossomed and grown in such a short time! I highly recommend taking lessons here!

Lisa Shishkin

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