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Beginning piano study

Ages 4-6

Students are introduced to basic position at keyboard, basic technical skills, music and notion reading, basic listening skills, memorization and performance.  Lessons will be 30 minutes in length and students will move into 45 minute lessons as soon as they are ready.

Sheet Music Edits

General Piano Study

All Ages

Students will develop a physically healthy approach to playing piano, learn to read music, study sight-reading and all musical notation that promotes artistic performance.  They will develop performance etiquette. They will study basic theory to understand what they are playing which aids in learning and memorization skills and helps develop performance skills.  Lessons will be 45 minutes in length

Sheet Music Close Up

Advanced piano study

For students performing at upper intermediate to advanced level.  College preparatory

Continued study in healthy technique, sight-reading, repertoire, memorization, performance.  Lessons will be 60 minutes long and will continue theory studies, especially for college preparatory.

Someone Reading Sheet Music

Pedagogy Instruction

For pianist that wish to begin teaching

Lessons will include what should be accomplished from the first lesson on.  Enabling students to play with healthy technique.  Different method books and repertoire that are available.  How to introduce different rhythm and artistic concepts.  These will be 60 minute lessons that can be booked at the convenience of the new teacher or as questions and issues come up during lessons with their students

Sheet music on music stand
Piano Lesson

Ascension Piano Studio

Studio Handbook of policies and procedures



I am pleased to have the opportunity to work with you or your child in developing the musical skills and appreciation for all the wonderful music that has been written.


Fall/Winter Session


This session begins August 1 through May 31.  Tuition is divided into 10 equal installments. 

- Each installment is due on the first of each month.

- Late fee of $10.00 will be assessed after 15 days.

- Lessons will be terminated if payment has not been received by the end of the month

- Weeks not included in this session are 1 weeks at Thanksgiving and 2 weeks at Christmas.

- Installment amount is not based on number of lessons in the month.  Tuition amount will not vary whether there are 5 lessons in the month or 2 lessons, as in the month of December.




#1  30-minute lesson = $850 – 10 installments of $85.00***

#2  45-minute lesson = $1,250 – 10 installments of $125.00

#3  60-minute lesson = $1,600 – 10 installments of $160.00




Cancellation/missed lesson policies


- Missed lessons Will Not be credited on next Month’s statement

- Though not guaranteed, I will try to reschedule if called before lesson time.  No shows will not be rescheduled

            *Lesson must be made up within 1 week of missed lesson.

- Cancelled lessons due to inclement weather will be credited when District 11 cancels.

- Cancelled lessons due to my cancelling will be credited on the next statement.


Summer Lessons

- 8 lessons offered from June 1 - July 31

Students are required to take at least 4 of the 8 lessons offered.

Lessons will be credited if 24 hour notice is given and the student can still meet the 4 lesson requirement


The new Fall/Winter session will begin August 1



Acceptable Instruments


Acoustic Pianos

  • Must be tunable and kept in tune

Electric pianos

  • Full 88 key keyboard with Working pedal

  • Standard sized keys

  • Suitable bench/chair for height

  • NO headphones

  • Volume must be kept at least 1/2 of maximum volume







  •  Minimum of 1 recital yearly

  • Students will dress appropriately - no jeans or causal clothing. Please check with me for additional information

  • Parental encouragement during preparation as follows :

    • A lot of repetitive playing that needs to be supported by parents

    • Taking the time to be “the audience” for the student during practice time

  • If student is not properly prepared due to lack of practice they will be asked not to participate


Other Public Performances

  • Highly encouraged but..

    • I must be a part of the preparation of the performance

    • Repertoire must be approved by me

Performance for family, grandparents, or close friends is not considered public and again is highly encouraged


Performance for school talent shows, church, etc. is considered Public


Arrival and Departure


Students are expected to arrive on time for their lesson.  If a student comes early, they may sit and wait quietly.  If a student arrives late, they will receive the remainder of the time left in their scheduled lesson time.


Students will wait inside at the front door for parental arrival.


Please do not leave after dropping off your student until you are sure they are safely inside the house.




Students are required to bring all materials to every lesson.  This includes 3 ring notebook, spiral lesson book, theory book, and all music being used at the time.  If the student comes to lessons without appropriate materials the lesson may not be completed.  It is advised the student to have a backpack or tote back that is expressly for this purpose. 

New music to be purchased by parents will be written in lesson notebook


Students are to have a music dictionary (pocket size is adequate) and a metronome.

Any music or supplies purchased by Ascension Studio will be added to the next monthly statement.  In the event tuition is paid yearly the statement will be for purchased supplies only.

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