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My Story

A Classical Pianist and teacher

It seems as if I have always been at the piano bench. There were time my mom would beg me to take a break and "go do something else for a bit".  And yet there were times I just didn't want to practice or didn't know how to practice.  That is why I  have taken the last 30+ years teaching students to read music, understand rhythms, learn piano theory, and discover the world of music history.  I am passionate about helping students develop an approach to the keyboard that will help each student excel.  From the very first lesson, we have fun and learn to play artistically ensuring that my students enjoy their time spent at the piano.  Ascension Studio is a place where students journey into this world of reading and creating music on the amazing instrument we call the piano

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Career History

Education and Training

I am not sure how to sum up everything my students have taught me. throughout my years of teaching.  I couldn't even put it into words if I tried.  But here is the rest...............

Colorado State Certification through Colorado State Music teachers Association


Pedagogy Course work through Trinity College-Passing the pedagogy written exam

Completed Principles of Teaching and Music Knowledge through Trinity College

Pedagogy study - Donna Maxwell - Master Teacher through Music Teachers National Association
                              -Dr Yelena Balabanova

Master Coaches include:
       Aiko Onishi
       Dr. Susan Cable
       Dr. Janice Saffir
       Cathy Motter

7 years performance/pedagogy  study under Dr. Yelena Balabanova - Moscow Conservatory graduate, Concert Pianist, Steinway Artist
Attended numerous instructional classes in pedagogy and performance.

Over 30 years private formal instruction.

35+ years of teaching theory, music history and piano performance with numerous students continuing their music studies at the collegiate level.

Music Teachers National Association
Colorado State Music Teachers Association
Pikes Peak Music Teachers Association
Royal Conservatory 

Colorado State Certification through Colorado State Music teachers Association


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